Q: In which cases a trademark application may be rejected ?

1- Marks devoid of any distinctive feature or consisting of signs or data which do not fall beyond the designation that is traditionally given to the products, drawing, or the ordinary images thereof.


2- Trademarks that are identical and similar to trademarks previously registered for the same products or services.


3- Marks that violate public order or morals.


4- Public emblems, media, and other symbols of the State or the other states or the regional or international organizations, as well as any imitation thereof.


5- Marks that are identical or similar to symbols of a religious character or particularity.


6- The symbols of the Red Cross or the Red Crescent or other similar symbols, as well as the signs which represent imitations thereof.
7- Images of others or their logo unless they authorize the use thereof.


8- Data on honors degrees unless the applicant has proved to have obtained them
9- Marks and geographical indications that may mislead or confuse the public, or contain false data on the origin of products or services or other characteristics, as well as marks containing a false, imitated, of a forged trade name.


In which cases a Trademark Registration application may be rejected

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    Trademark Registration Requirements In Egypt

    Trademark Registration Requirements In Egype A power of attorney just notarized from notary public if the applicant Egyptian (or the applicant in other nationality must be duly legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate) A simple copy of the certificate of Incorporation or an extract from the Commercial Register. A certified copy of the priority docume...
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    Associated Trademarks

    Associated Trademarks :- The administration authority should write on the page appropriated for the registration of the trademark the other marks associated therewith and their numbers. This association is confirmed in Article (2) of the Regulations. Marks are considered associated with a trademark or other marks if they are identical or similar an...
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    Individuals who are legally entitled to register a trademark

    Article 66 of the IP Law has included a statement of the individuals entitled to register their trademarks in Egypt without prejudice to the provisions of international agreements in force as follows  The trademark may be registered for every Egyptian or foreigner natural or legal person who belongs to or who has a real and...
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    The owner’s right to amend or cancel the mark after Trademark registration

    1 – Amending the mark According to Article 85 of the IP Law, the owner of a trademark that is previously registered may, at any time, file an application to the Commercial Registration Authority to make any amendment to the trademark thereof, provided that such an amendment will not substantially affect the identity of the...
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    Re-Trademark registration of the previously canceled mark

    If it is decided to delete the trademark in accordance with the first case, i.e. based on the issuance of an administrative decision by the Commercial Registration Authority, to delete the trademark for not renewing the registration thereof, or according to the second case based on a judgment rendered by the competent court for non-use,...


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