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International Group for Intellectual Property Solutions(IGIPS) is a Limited Liability company that provides Intellectual Property Rights Consultation services ; since the beginning it was specialized in the Intellectual Property Solutions, Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration as well as IP Consultations.

Trademark Cases

The first step towards finding effective solutions to trademark issues is to search for a specialized company that is fully aware of the trademark protection and registration procedures and is highly experienced in handling trademark issues .

At IGIPS, you will find a full range of qualified lawyers and specialists who are ready and willing to provide all services and consultancy related to the protection and registration of trademarks, as well as the selection thereof .

Trademark Registration

When choosing a trademark, you should know before the registration thereof that the mark should not be descriptive (directly expresses the product), indicative (directly reflects the specifications of the product), or misleading in terms of the origin of the product the service to be provided under the trademark. Rather, the trademark should characterize the product provided or the service rendered thereunder. Accordingly, we always recommend that you proceed directly with the documentation of the ownership of the trademark for the emerging sectors to avoid any dispute that may potentially arise after using it. This can be accomplished by having the trademark registered at the competent governmental office through an agent specialized in trademark registration. The registration of a trademark is usually valid for 10 years from the date of filing of the trademark application. The protection can be extended beyond the prescribed period without limitation. There were marks registered since 1930 and were renewed to date.

Searching for the trademark availability

Before registering a trademark, you should make sure that it is not similar to any other trademark on the same service or product you offer. Rather, your trademark should be unique and different from any other trademark. Therefore, before you spend large amounts of money to launch a new trademark and spread it to the market, you should first act on the registration of this trademark. This would ensure that there is no similarity between the name of the trademark under registration and any other registered trademark and hence avoid significant material and moral losses .


We will protect your invention, your discoveries, and your ideas. The first step towards the grant of a patent is to have your invention satisfying a number of legal requirements. For example, your new invention should not be known anywhere in the world, nor should it be similar to any other patents. We have unprecedented experience in all patent-related issues and in known and unknown infringement cases. We will provide you with all legal advice on the procedures needed for:

  • Granting the patent
  • Reserving the patent
  • Defending the patent
  • Avoiding the violations

Industrial designs

An industrial design or model may be defined as an arrangement of the lines and a three-dimensional shape with or without colors that takes a distinctive appearance characterized by novelty and industrial applicability. The most important factors that give industrial designs unique visual impressions are the elements of novelty, inventiveness, and the design of products with a different form, colors, textures, or materials, all of which would make your product unique and different. Therefore, at IGIPS, we offer our clients a full range of legal services related to the implementation, registration, and protection of industrial design rights.

With our specialized team of lawyers, we will offer you a wide range of services and legal advice needed to maintain your industrial designs including:
  • Preparing, filing, and filling out the applications needed for the registration of the industrial design.
  • Litigation procedures and how to deal with the infringement of industrial designs and obtaining and enforcing judicial decisions against imitators.
  • Responding to the decisions and correspondence of the government office with regard to the appeal of the decision to reject the design, refuting the reasons for rejection, following-up the publication thereof in the Official Gazette, and renewal in the scheduled dates.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a broad field that encompasses all kinds of mental and intellectual creations and includes:

First: Industrial intellectual property such as trademarks, inventions, designs, and industrial models:

Second: literary intellectual property such as literary and artistic works, as well as computer programs.

The innovator is usually granted the exclusive right to use his innovation for a certain period of time, which enables him to obtain a financial benefit from his invention.

IP rights are protected according to the type of intellectual property. Each section of the intellectual property is registered according to nature thereof, whether being a trademark, industrial design, or a patent. At IGIPS, we are always keen on managing intellectual property through an elite of experts, lawyers, consultants, and specialists.


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